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During Your First Week

Your first week will be spent learning about the University, your role, and the tools that will help you work productively. Your New Employee Guide outlines the tasks that you should complete during your first week – refer to the section titled “Your First Week” and complete all tasks in that section.

From Your New Employees Guide

Following are links to some of the documents reference in your new employee guide:


  • During your first week, you should receive an email invitation to participate in the New Employee Orientation Workshop; add New Employee Orientation Workshop to your Outlook calendar!


  • If you require roles in the OnePurdue system:

Accessing HR programs, contact Heather Runyan, Human Resources,, phone ext. 1106

Accessing Finance programs, contact Randy Freebourn, Business Services & Comptroller,, phone ext. 2670

Need Help?

  • Talk to your Supervisor
  • Talk to your Departmental Orientation Contact Person
  • Contact your New Employee Ambassador
  • Contact Human Resources

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