Charles H. Lawshe Building and stick figures carrying a large key

Paperwork to Hire a Temporary Employee

Once you have extended an offer to a final candidate and it has been accepted, please complete the following paperwork:

  • Complete a PA form (Contact Nerry Valle at x8053 with questions regarding this form.)
  • I-9 Form – Must be completed by an approved I-9 completer in your area.  If you need to confirm the I-9 completer for your area, please contact Diane Brown in Human Resources at x1245.
  • Federal tax form
  • State Tax form
  • Form 13 
  • Self-identification form
  • Direct deposit form
  • Form 51 (for LAN access—must be completed and faxed to the number on the bottom of the form)
  • Parking form
  • Request for Privileges which must be completed online in order to receive a PUID number for the employee to have access to the LAN