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Purdue Calumet promotes and supports excellence of faculty and staff. Compensation supports this by providing job classification and communicating pay to Purdue University Calumet employees and supervisors.

Pay Scale Documents

Each year, the clerical and service Pay Scales are reviewed and revised based on the budget situation. These clerical and service scales are used to determine a new hire rate and a provisional increase rate.

For Supervisors

Are you a supervisor and want to reclassify a position in your department? Purdue requires the following forms to be completed when revising and creating a new job description:

Questions Asked Frequently:

Who, what, when, and how is overtime paid at Purdue University Calumet?
Effective January 3, 2011, the new Overtime Policy is your source for all this information.
Are employees paid to attend training related to their jobs?
Refer to the Hours of Work information to learn more about this question and several important pay practices.
If my clerical or service staff member terminates employment prior to the completion of the 90 day provisional period, is Terminal Vacation Pay paid?
Any regular clerical and service staff member terminated prior to the completion of his/her provisional period will be paid any accrued, unused vacation in his/her final paycheck.
Need to know your pay date?
Refer to the Monthly Pay Calendar (EXCEL) and the Biweekly Pay Calendar (EXCEL)
Looking for a resource to clarify the overtime policy or callback pay?
Please refer to the 2010 presentation (PPTX) on these policies.
What is the process of classifying positions?
What is the difference between regular and temporary employees?
For answers to these questions along with general classification and compensation policies, please refer to the faculty/staff handbook.