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The Resident Assistant Staff members are paraprofessional graduate and undergraduate members of the Department of Housing and Residential Education.  Resident Assistants are responsible for establishing and maintaining an atmosphere which will promote the educational, social, cultural and personal development of residents.  The Resident Assistant must project a sense of caring and concern for each resident.  The following enumerated responsibilities comprise the significant duties assigned to Resident Assistants.  Other duties may be assigned to the Resident Assistants by any Senior Staff member.

Community Development

  • Establish and maintain a cohesive community whose members share personal responsibility for the development of behavior norms and appropriate resident conduct.
  • Promote and maintain a living environment which meets the physical safety, emotional security, and comfort needs of all residents.
  • Develop and maintain an environment which fosters respect for individual rights, promotes community development, and respects the dignity of all members.
  • Assess community growth and development needs by sharing interactions with individual students and spending time in The University Village Community.
  • Meet regularly with individual residents and groups to explain and promote policies and programs, assess needs and community goals, and respond to student concerns.
  • Learn and share with supervisor the names, background information, and the academic/personal goals of residents.
  • Conduct monthly “side-chat” conversations with each resident assigned to the floor.

Leadership Development

  • Identify potential student leaders.  Support and direct their involvement in University Village Hall Council and during floor or hall activities.
  • Promote and encourage resident participation in University and community organizations and leadership roles therein.
  • Attend leadership development activities and conferences as requested.
  • Attend all Resident Assistant and Community Assistant Training events.
  • Participate in Resident Assistant In-services as assigned.

Residential Education Opportunities

Resident Assistants are responsible for contributing to a beneficial living/learning atmosphere on their wing/floor. Specifically, a Resident Assistant is expected to:

  • Initiate and implement Residential Education opportunities and activities to address the needs, interests, and concerns of the residents.  Specific Residential Education opportunity requirements are outlined in the Residential Education section of the RA Manual.
  • Assist with the responses to immediate community concerns such as fire, environmental safety issues, personal or property safety issues, and other crisis situations as indicated by Senior Staff members.
  • Assist and support the University Village Hall Council while completing Residential Education requirements as outlined in the Residential Education model.


Resident Assistants are responsible for effectively initiating the appropriate referral procedures affecting students experiencing personal crisis.  Specifically, a Resident Assistant is expected to:

  • Provide basic personal care and appropriately refer students experiencing student crisis or exhibiting need, which means making student referrals to counselors, advisors, and professional staff as necessary.
  • Complete a Communication Report (CR)/Incident Report (IR) and submit to HRE Senior Staff.
  • Respond immediately and directly to crisis situations and take appropriate action in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Follow the directions of the Senior Staff Member on Duty and all other professional staff members.
  • Report all pertinent information immediately.
  • Notify Senior Staff Member on Duty of all appropriate referrals.

Resident Conduct

Resident Assistants are responsible for addressing student behavior to ensure an atmosphere conducive to living and learning.  Resident Assistants enforce the rules and regulations fairly throughout The University Village community and report incidents that occur on campus.  Specifically, a Resident Assistant is expected to:

  • Abide by and enforce all university policies and procedures, residence hall policies, and local, State, and Federal laws as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, the Resident Handbook, and the HRE Staff Manual(s).  Under no circumstances should a Resident Assistant ignore the violation of a regulation or policy committed by a resident, guest, or fellow Resident Assistant, nor violate regulations or policies that residents are expected to follow.  Instead, Resident Assistants should confront behavior inconsistent with these policies and submit proper documentation.
  • Consult with a Senior Staff Member before, while, and after enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Maintain accurate records of confrontation and student behavior inconsistent with the Student Code of Conduct and the HRE Resident Handbook.


Resident Assistants are typically required to select a weekday (typically any day between Sunday through Wednesday) to be on duty throughout the semester.  In addition, Resident Assistants will be required to work a set number of weekends per semester (typically Friday and Saturday).

  • Duty will be performed in Peregrine Hall and Griffin Hall by one RA on-call.
  • The RA will be on call during a time as determined by the Residence Life Coordinator
  • In addition, Resident Assistants will be required to sit at the Central Office Service Desk from 5-7 pm during their duty night.
  • RAs, while on duty, may not work the Service Desks as a Community Assistant.
  • In addition, Resident Assistants will be permitted time away during Thanksgiving Break, two weeks of vacation time during Winter Break, and vacation time during the week of Spring Break.  However, when the university is closed and during holiday breaks, the schedule must be covered by the Resident Assistant staff.  The RA staff, under the direction of their supervisor, will determine the break duty schedules to ensure equity of duty responsibility.


Resident Assistants are called upon to provide administrative support, which is important to the operation of The University Village Community and the Department of Housing and Residential Education.  A Resident Assistant is expected to:

  • Attend all weekly staff meetings and bi-weekly one-on-one meetings.
  • Maintain timely written and verbal communication with supervisor.
  • Complete all assigned administrative tasks thoroughly, accurately, and on time (such as incident reports, duty logs, unit condition checklists (UCCs), and other YPS reports).
  • Perform routine health and safety inspections and the proper check-in and check-out of residents.
  • Check and empty staff office mailboxes on a daily basis.  Post PUC and Housing and Residential Education information in designated areas daily.  Respond to all messages and notes promptly (i.e. email, phone messages).
  • Maintain daily contact with immediate supervisor and discuss concerns relative to job performance and academic performance.
  • Participate in fire drills.  Lead and organize residents during and after fire alarms, tornado warnings and other community crisis situations.
  • Provide timely and accurate information regarding residence hall physical facilities, maintenance needs, and student safety concerns.
  • Complete and sign timecards on a bi-weekly basis by the specified deadline.

Additional Duties

  • Participate in committee assignments designated by supervisor.
  • Participate in departmental initiatives that include but are not limited to: Welcome Weekend, Resident Appreciation Week (fall and spring), Resident Satisfaction Survey and Priority Placement Process.
  • Work four (4) required hours each week at one of the Service Desks.
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of the turn process of The University Village Community at the beginning and end of each school year as well as during breaks.
  • Participate in the selection process of paraprofessional and professional staff as directed by supervisor.
  • Additional duties as assigned as needed.

RA Terms of Employment


  • Undergraduate Resident Assistants will enroll and successfully complete at least twelve (12) academic credits at Purdue University Calumet.  Graduate student Resident Assistants are required to enroll in and complete eight (8) academic credits.  Courses must be taken for letter grade.  If a Resident Assistant falls below the required 12/8 credits, he/she will need to resign from their position.  (See Reduced Course Load Process for further information.)
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and a 2.5 semester grade point average.
  • Maintain good HRE resident conduct and PUC student conduct standing.
  • Must have a passion for serving the Purdue University Calumet Community.
    • Applicants must have completed two (2) semesters as an enrolled student at Purdue University Calumet or any other institution of higher education with at least part-time enrollment status.
    • Must hold a Housing and Residential Education Contract throughout the term of employment.  Each Resident Assistant will also be required to have a $200.00 housing deposit on file.

Successful Candidates

Successful candidates will demonstrate the following skills throughout the selection process:

  • Self-discipline.
  • Interest in the lives of individual residents, their feelings, needs, and rights.
  • Commitment to the full development of students’ academic pursuits and personal growth in and out of the classroom.
  • Commitment to the mission and vision of the Department of Housing and Residential Education at Purdue University Calumet.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Sense of self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • Exemplify the characteristics of a strong role model.


Performance Evaluations

During the month of December (for the Fall semester) and during the month of May (for the Spring semester), the supervisor will conduct a face-to-face meeting with each Resident Assistant.  During these meetings, the Resident Assistant’s performance for Fall semester and Spring Semesters will be evaluated.  The Resident Assistant will have an opportunity to complete a self-evaluation prior to the face-to-face meeting.  The face-to-face meeting will provide an opportunity for their supervisor or his or her designee and the Resident Assistant to review the formal performance evaluation as well as the Resident Assistant’s self-evaluation. The Resident Assistant will sign both the formal performance evaluation and the self-evaluation.  The Resident Assistant will have the opportunity to respond in writing to the formal performance evaluation, if necessary.  Also, peer-to-peer feedback will be collected for the performance evaluation process.  The feedback obtained from peers will be shared during the formal face-to-face performance evaluation meeting with the supervisor or his or her designee.

Time Away

Resident Assistants are permitted eight (10) nights or four (4) weekends per semester off campus.  The time must be arranged in advance with their supervisor.  Restrictions will be made on special weekends as deemed appropriate by their supervisor or his or her designee.  A weekend is defined as nights away from 6:00 p.m. on Friday to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.  No more than half of the staff will be permitted to leave on a given weekend, unless special consideration is provided by their supervisor or his or her designee.

In addition, Resident Assistants will be permitted time away during Thanksgiving Break, two weeks of vacation time during Winter Break, and vacation time during the week of Spring Break.  However, when the university is closed and during holiday breaks, the schedule must be covered by the Resident Assistant staff.  The RA staff, under the direction of their supervisor, will determine the break duty schedules to ensure equity of duty responsibility.

Remuneration: Room

Please note that accepting a Resident Assistant position may affect your Financial Aid status. Returning Resident Assistants and Applicants are encouraged to make an appointment with The Office of Financial Aid to discuss their Financial Aid status.

Remuneration: Meals

Board plans are provided for Resident Assistants as an aid to facilitate community growth and development.  The Board plan is provided so RAs can eat with members of their floor, hall and campus community and to provide RAs sustenance.  The Chartwell’s board plan distribution for RAs is listed below.

Fall                        $ 400.00
Spring                   $ 400.00
Total                      $800.00 (approx)

Remuneration: Laundry Cards

Resident Assistants are provided laundry cards with a set amount of money for the entire academic year. RAs are expected to budget their laundry funds until the end of the employment term.  RAs will receive a laundry card with $50.00 allocated to it for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Remuneration: Monthly Stipend

Resident Assistants are provided a monthly stipend of $100. This stipend is paid once a month on the last business day of each month. The total amount of this stipend is $1000.  Please note the stipend will be taxed accordingly by the State of Indiana and the United States government.

Overall Remuneration (Annually)

Room Accommodation


Monthly Stipend ($100 per Month)


Meal Plan ($400-Fall, $400-Spring)


Laundry Card($50-Fall and $50-Spring)



Overall Remuneration


This figure does not include the meals for Summer, Pre-Fall and Pre-Spring training sessions.  The components of the remuneration package are intended to provide our Resident Assistants with well- rounded support as student leaders in the Department of Housing and Residential Education.

Time Commitments

Resident Assistants will be expected to devote the time necessary to fulfill their obligations to the position. This includes specific staff duty assignments, weekly staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, in-service training, programming responsibilities, and significant time on their designated wing/floor.

Academic Course Load – Undergraduate Resident Assistant must carry a minimum of twelve (12) and no more than fifteen (17) hours per semester.  Graduate Resident Assistants must carry a minimum of eight (8) and no more than twelve (12) hours per semester.  Resident Assistants demonstrating strong academic performance may petition, in writing, to the supervisor for permission to take additional courses.

Co-curricular Activities / Additional Work – The Resident Assistant position requires significant time and energy.  We encourage our staff to be active in leadership opportunities across campus, however; we do limit Resident Assistant involvement in student organizations as well as employment on campus and off campus jobs.  Resident Assistants may submit a petition, in writing, to the supervisor for permission for additional employment/co-curricular activities.  Outside employment and leadership commitments should not exceed fifteen (15) hours each week.  Approval will be based on need, previous performance, and time involved in the work request.  If approved, these responsibilities must not interfere with the performance of the Resident Assistant function and are subject to review by the supervisor.  International students are not permitted to work more than twenty (20) hours per week at Purdue Calumet during the academic year.  As a result and due to the demands of the Resident Assistant position, international students who hold a Resident Assistant position may not hold any other additional appointments at Purdue Calumet, as this would put the student at risk of working more than 20 hours in a week.

Community Development – In order for Resident Assistants to be successful in their position, they will need to make daily/weekly time for the residents on their floor.  This time can be used for working on Residential Education opportunities, bulletin boards, floor meetings, resolving resident conflicts or simply spending time and being available for the residents on their floor.

Meeting Time – Resident Assistants are encouraged to reserve 8AM-10AM on Friday mornings for weekly staff meetings.  In-services and committee meetings may also be held during this period. However, it is understood that another meeting time may be necessary.  The meeting time will be set during Fall and Spring training.

Residential Education Initiatives – Resident Assistants will be required to plan/facilitate Residential Education opportunities according to the Residential Education model for the Department of Housing and Residential Education.

Student Teaching / Cooperative Education – We encourage first-time Resident Assistants to not student teach, hold internships and/or cooperative education assignments during the employment period.  Returning Resident Assistants may request to student teach or hold an internship within a 10-15 mile radius.  Petitions will be reviewed by the supervisor on an individual basis.

All petitions to deviate from these time commitments must be approved by the supervisor in consultation with the Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Education.  Financial need, previous employment performance, and required time involved in successful completion of both the Resident Assistant position and additional responsibilities will be weighed before decisions are rendered.  Resident Assistants must have exhibited the highest sustained level of performance to be successful in petitions.

Academic Performance

Resident Assistant grades are checked at the end of each semester and summer session.  All staff must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester grade point average.  If either grade point average falls below this requirement, Resident Assistants will be placed on Academic Probation or continued employment will be assessed.  If both the semester and cumulative grade point average fall below a 2.5, the Resident Assistant will need to resign from his/her position.  Resident Assistants whose grade point averages fall sharply between semesters may be removed from their position until they have demonstrated sustained academic recovery.

It is the responsibility of each individual Resident Assistant to track and manage his/her academic success.

Purdue University Calumet is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that is Committed to a Diverse Workplace