Resident Assistant: How to Apply

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Complete the Online Application

The RA Application is an online this year! Complete the application thoroughly and submit it on time. For application questions, we suggest that you type your answers in Microsoft Word and paste them into the form fields.

Application Questions (within the Online Application)

Application questions provide applicants with an opportunity to articulate information that may not be evident by reviewing your resume and application materials.  For that reason, be sure to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.  Be honest and true to yourself and provide information that represents you and your personality.  Be sure to proofread and check for spelling and grammatical errors in Microsoft Word.

Resume Must Be Submitted within the Online Application in PDF Format

There are many different formats of resumes to choose from.  We are not requiring a specific format, however, there is some information that you will definitely want to include for this particular resume:

  • Your educational background including your current class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.), your cumulative GPA, your previous semester GPA, your major/program, if/when you attended any other colleges/universities
  • Any paid work experience or volunteer experience that would have transferable skills to the RA position
  • Any extracurricular or co-curricular activities in which you have participated
  • Any leadership positions you have held
  • Any honors or awards you have received
  • For more assistance with your resume or career information/guidance, use the following resources:
  • Contact Career Services at 219.989.2600 for Resume assistance and career resources.
  • Contact the Counseling Center at 219.989.2366 to schedule an appointment for career counseling.

Reference Forms

Each of the three references that you indicated in your application will need to fill out a Resident Assistant Applicant Reference Form.  Common practice is to give a reference at least one to two weeks to fill out the form and return it.  It is acceptable to give the reference a reminder close to the due date.  If you cannot give one to two weeks, give as much time as possible, your references are likely very busy people.  At least two of these references must be professional references such as a current supervisor, academic advisor, professor, etc.  If you currently live on campus, one of your references must be the current RA on your floor.  If you live off campus, a personal or professional (no relatives or friends) can serve as the third reference.  All references are due by Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 4:30pm.

RAs are required to communicate with administration regularly and follow processes and procedures, so we are looking for applications/materials that reflect an applicant’s attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines.  Review this material to ensure that you submit the best Application Packet possible.  Your packet will represent you!