Resident Assistant Selection 2013-2014

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Thank you for your interest in the Resident Assistant (RA) position for the Department of Housing and Residential Education. Resident Assistants play a vital role in developing community in The University Village. RAs promote a safe and healthy environment that supports the academic success of our students. This is accomplished through daily interactions with residents, floor meetings, providing education about University Village and campus policies, coordinating programs, and being knowledgeable about campus resources. The RA position will provide you with the opportunity to serve the community as a student leader on the PUC campus.

Please read the all of the RA Selection information thoroughly to become familiar with the requirements of the position and how to successfully complete the RA Application.

1. How To Apply for the RA Position
2. RA Job Description
3. RA Application
4. RA Reference Forms (3)

To be considered for a Resident Assistant position, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have and maintain a minimum 2.5 overall and semester GPA
  • Be in good academic and good judicial standing
  • Must have a passion for serving the Purdue University Calumet Community

The RA Selection Process Timeline is outlined below.  Use it (and the Candidate Checklist) as your guide as you complete each step of the process.  All materials are due on October 14 at 12:00pm.


** Special Note: As you are aware, Resident Assistants earn the value of room and board for tasks they perform.  Student Accounts and Financial Aid is informed of this award and includes the value in the computation of financial aid.  If you are currently receiving financial aid, contact the Student Accounts and Financial Aid (219-989-2301) and indicate that you need to know if the RA compensation award will impact your financial aid package. PUC Graduate Assistants:  If you have current employment on campus, please inform Brenda Hunt, Residence Life Coordinator, of your employment commitments before the interview process.

We would like to thank you again for your interest in the Resident Assistant position.  If you have any questions regarding the position or the process, please contact Kara Latopolski at