Health and Safety Inspection Slip

Curious about how to read or use your inspection slip?

During Health and Safety Inspections, Resident Assistants will leave a slip behind to let you know if your suite passes inspections, and what you might need to fix before re-inspections.

Health and Safety Inspections Slip

Your name and room number will be listed at the top of each slip along with the RA who conducted your inspections and the date of inspections. Directly below this, you will see either Pass or Fail checked. If you passed inspections, you won’t have to worry about fixing anything in your suite!

At the bottom of the slip is the re-inspection date. If you failed inspections, your room will be re-inspected on the date listed. You will be expected to fix any problems in your suite which have been circled on the slip.

Here are two examples:

If the following words are circled: Safety IssueWindow Guard/ScreenBedroom, the window guards or screen is missing in your window. You must put the window guard or screen back in before re-inspections.

If the following words are circled: Garbage/ClutterLaundryBedroom, there is a lot of laundry left out in your suite. It is either making it difficult to move throughout your room (which is a violation of emergency egress) or could cause mold to grow. You must take care of this problem before re-inspections.

During re-inspections, a Graduate Assistant will visit your suite and look to see that the issues circled have been fixed. If they have, you will not be subject to any further fines or conduct proceedings.

If you are curious about the rest of the inspection process, or what happens after inspections or re-inspections, please review the outline of Health and Safety Inspections.

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