Connecting your Computer to ResNet Computing, Technology and Information Services

ResNet Installation Guide:

ResNet is the residential computer network service provided to students living at Purdue University Calumet. ResNet allows you connect your personal computer directly to PUC’s computer network and, through the University network, to the Internet.

Note: ResNet users are allowed two Computer registrations. Accommodations can be made to register non-standard network devices such as Game Consoles (Ex. Playstation or XBOX). To complete manual registration of one of these devices please contact the Information Services Customer Service Center by calling (219) 989-2888 or submit a formal request for registration.

Be sure to:

  • Install critical updates
  • Install critical updates and service packs at:
  • Install antivirus software
  • Install a free copy of McAfee Antivirus software available at: Computer Operations, Powers 218 or Computing Services & Support Center, Gyte 133.
  • Install Windows 7
  • If you are running Windows 7, turn on Internet Connection Firewall.

Hardware Installation:

  • An Ethernet network adapter is required to connect your computer to the ResNet data network.
  • You will need to supply your own network cable to connect your computer to the ResNet data jack. Use a standard Category 5 network cable with RJ45 connectors. Do not use a telephone cable, as this will not work and may damage your computer’s network card. Cat5 network cables are suitable for ResNet use and can be purchased from the university book store in SULB or at many area electronic and department stores.
  • Connect the network cable to the network card on your computer and the ResNet data jack on the wall of your room. The outlets are identified using letters or numbers. Letters are for data connections and numbers are used for a telephone. All outlets will be active but you must choose a lettered outlet for your computer. Do not attempt to use numbered outlets, i.e. “-1″ or “-2″ outlets. They are only used for telephone connections and do not work as data connections. Connecting your computer to one of these outlets could damage its network port.

Software Installation:

All Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux computers have the necessary networking software to connect to the ResNet network.

Network Setup:

All that is required is to ensure that your network adapter is set up to automatically obtain an IP from the University DHCP server. Once connected, you will need to open your web browser and complete the online registration in order to obtain your IP address.

Register Your Computer with ResNet:

Once you network connection is configured, you must:

  1. Open your web browser. The registration page should automatically appear. If not, go to You should be redirected to the registration page.
  2. Follow the directions on the registration page. The process only takes a few minutes to complete.

    * You will not be able to use your network connection for any other activity until this has been done. The registration requires you to log in using your computer login and password. This should be the same login and password that you use to login to University computers.

  3. Once registered you will be directed to install an assessment agent; follow the onscreen instructions to install the agent.
  4. Once the agent is installed, click to re-attempt network access, if your computer meets the *criteria of a healthy system you will be granted network access!
  5. If your machine fails the health check onscreen instructions will provide you with information on how to remedy problems.
  6. Enjoy ResNet! You will not need to register again until the registration database is purged (this is typically performed once per year). Periodic scans will be performed on your machine to ensure network health.

*Criteria of a Healthy Windows Computer System

  1. Computer must be running Windows 2000 SP4 or later, Windows XP, or Windows 7 or higher.
  2. Windows computers must have Anti-Virus software installed.
  3. Windows computers must have current Microsoft Updates installed.

ResNet and You:

As a subscriber to ResNet services, you are entitled to the full benefits offered by the program. However, you are responsible for determining whether your equipment and software are suitable for use with the ResNet services and for maintaining their functionality. You will need to setup all of your equipment and software. It is also up to you to report any problems that you have with your ResNet service.

You must use the IP address that is assigned to you by the online registration process. Use of an IP address that was not registered for your computer may interfere with someone else’s use of the network and/or render your ResNet connection nonfunctional.

Where to Go for Help:

If you encounter difficulty while setting up your computer for use with your ResNet service, there are several ways for you to seek help. you can access the Internet from another computer, you may find answers to your questions on Purdue Calumet’s Information Services home page. You may also contact the Customer Service Center by calling 219-989-2888.

For problems with your ResNet connection, please submit a trouble ticket.

Your Responsibility for your ResNet Account:

Please do not let anyone use your network connection which has been registered to you. Every student is responsible for any and all traffic that comes across our campus network that is being used by their account. Each student will be held liable for any malicious activities performed using their account.

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