Safety Awareness and Expectations

Any dangerous behavior should be reported to the Department of Housing and Residential Education immediately. Dangerous behavior is subject to disciplinary action. The following are examples of dangerous activities:

  • Accessing and Climbing on Rooftops: Residents are not permitted on any building’s roof for any purpose. If an item is on the roof, please contact a University employee to assist you.
  • Exit Door Propping: Any door propped open jeopardizes the security and safety of all residents in The University Village community. Therefore, the propping of any exit door is strictly prohibited and may result in referral to the resident conduct process.
  • Window Screens/Guards: Window screens and guards are not to be removed. Attempting to do so poses a security risk, results in irreparable damage to the screen/window guards and will result in a replacement charge to the resident(s). Keeping the screen/guard(s) in the windows will also decrease the likelihood of bugs and pests enteringthe rooms, apartments, and buildings. Windows should only be opened from the bottom where there is a screen.  Windows should never be opened from the top.
  • Skateboarding: The use of skateboards is prohibited on University Village property.
  • Rollerblading: Roller blades can be used for transportation purposes only. Reckless behavior, including performing tricks, is prohibited, as it compromises the safety of the residents.
  • Fireworks: The possession and/or use of fireworks is strictly prohibited on University Village property.

Keys, Card Access, and Lockouts

University Village room key and PUC ID card access is issued to the assigned room’s occupant. A resident is not to lend his/her room key or PUC ID card to anyone. The resident is financially responsible for a lost room/mailbox key, lost PUC ID card, and the cost of lock changes. Lost or missing keys/cards must be reported to the Service Desk of the resident’s building as soon as possible.

If a resident is locked out of his/her apartment or bedroom, he/she must go to his/her Service Desk to have an HRE staff member unlock his/her door. Every resident receives one free lockout for the academic year at the start of the contract term (Fall semester). A lockout fee may be charged for every subsequent lockout a resident receives. Please see the fees and fines section of this handbook for more information about lockout fees.

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