Personal Property

Personal Property Insurance

The Department of Housing and Residential Education and/or Purdue University Calumet is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property that might occur while in residence. HRE and PUC do not insure the resident’s personal property. The resident is strongly recommended to have insurance on personal items such as computers, stereos, televisions, etc. Homeowner’s insurance often covers property outside of the home, which means that the resident’s parent’s insurance may cover property while living in residence. The resident should check with his/her parents to see if this is the case. If not, the resident is encouraged to check local listings to find an insurance agency that can meet his/her needs.

Lost and Found

If a resident finds a lost item, he/she should bring it to the Service Desk of their building so that the owner may reclaim possession. If a resident has lost an item and it was turned in to one of the University Village Service Desks, the resident may claim it by properly describing the item. All lost and found items are kept at The University Village for no more than one week, after which they are turned over to the Purdue University Calumet Police Department. If the item is not recovered after 30 days, the item may be disposed of.

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