Mail Procedures

Mail and Packages

Mailboxes are conveniently located on the main level directly around the corner from the Service Desk. Each resident will be issued one mailbox key. Residents should promptly return any mail not belonging to them to the Service Desk for correct delivery. To receive mail, the following format must be used:

Peregrine Hall Residents:
Resident’s Name
2330 173rd Street
Apartment #123A
Hammond, IN 46323

Griffin Hall Residents:
Resident’s Name
2440 173rd Street
Apartment #123A
Hammond, IN 46323

All mail and packages are delivered to the HRE Central Office in Griffin. All mail that is able to fit is placed in the respective resident’s mailbox. If a package or piece of mail is unable to fit into a resident’s mailbox, a package slip is placed in his/her mailbox and the package is stored in the mailroom within Griffin Hall.

Packages are available and may be picked up from the Griffin Front Desk between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12am after they have been processed by the Mail Distribution Assistant

When picking up packages, residents must present the package slip and their PUC ID. Residents will be asked to sign for their packages.

When a resident moves out, it is imperative that the resident complete an “Address Change Request Form.” Completing the appropriate paperwork will be helpful in forwarding first-class mail to the resident’s new address. The “Address Change Request Form” will be available to a resident upon check-out.

Residents are not allowed to loan their individual mailbox keys out to friends to pick up their mail. If a guest is found to be in possession of a resident’s mailbox key, the HRE administrative staff will confiscate the key and contact the appropriate resident.

Residents may not request another resident or individual to pick up their package unless previously arranged with administrative staff.

Forwarding Mail

Residents are expected to provide the Department of Housing and Residential Education with an address to forward all first class mail when residents vacate The University Village community by completing an “Address Change Request Form.”

Residents transitioning into a different space within The University Village community are not required to complete an “Address Change Request Form.”

Residents are expected to be familiar with the following forwarding mail guidelines:

  • Bulk mail, and many discounted-rate postage classes cannot be forwarded due to United States Postal Service regulations.
  • The United States Postal Service will not forward mail to International addresses. As a result, the Department of Housing and Residential Education is unable to forward mail to international addresses.
  • Residents leaving The University Village community may not forward their mail to any University Village address.
  • As a reminder, to expedite the receipt of mail, be sure to change your address with these commonly forgotten senders, which include, but are not limited to: insurance providers, banks/credit card companies, magazines, student loan providers, cellular phone providers, and additional bills.

Email and Internet

All faculty, staff, and students receive a free email address from the University. All students are responsible for checking their University email address on a regular basis. 

The University also provides direct connections to the University network. The service is available to residents as a courtesy, at no charge. Residents must not resell the service or otherwise charge others to use it. The service is a residential service provided for personal, non-commercial use only.

There are Wi-Fi connections throughout The University Village community.

The University reserves the right to limit the amount of bandwidth available to any student. If a resident experiences a problem with internet access, the resident is encouraged to report the problem/concern to Information Services at (219) 989-2888. 

Responsibility for Correspondence

Every resident is responsible for the correspondence placed in his/her official resident mailbox as well as information sent to his/her official Purdue University Calumet email address.

Once information has been disseminated to these mediums of communication, the resident will be considered to be notified.

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