Emergency Procedures

The role of HRE staff members is to alert, give instruction, and encourage compliance with emergency procedures.

The University Village Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System is installed in the hallways and apartment suite common living areas of The University Village. The University Police Department will provide instruction to residents using the Emergency Notification System when necessary.

Health Concerns

For non-emergency care during week days, please contact the staff at the Community Health Services Center. The Student Health Services Center is located in Room 34 of the Gyte Annex Building. The office phone number is 219-989-1235.

For non-emergency care during the evening hours or weekend, please contact a Department of Housing and Residential Education staff member to seek out appropriate resources.

For emergency care at any time, please use extension 9-911 (911 from your cell phone)  to contact Emergency Services and then contact the Service Desk for immediate assistance.

Fire Alarm

When and if the fire alarm system is activated, all residents must vacate their residence hall immediately. Residents should meet out in front of Peregrine Hall and wait for instructions or an all clear.

Residents are expected to comply with these procedures and vacate the premises upon hearing a fire alarm.

Weather Alerts

Staff members of the Department of Housing and Residential Education may post a weather watch or warning on the white board by the Service Desk of each building. Weather warnings may be posted to alert residents to be watchful of the current weather conditions. Residents are encouraged to monitor severe weather conditions. If a Tornado Warning is issued for the Lake County area, all residents will be expected to leave their apartment suites to seek shelter in the first floor hallways of their building. The first floor hallways have been designated as the Storm Safe Area of each building. A Tornado Warning indicates a tornado has been spotted in the area and that individuals should seek shelter immediately. Residents are expected to comply with all instructions provided by the Department of Housing and Residential Education staff.