Emergency Information

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • University Police
    Mobile Device: 911 | Campus Telephone: 9-911 (EMERGENCY)
    989-2220 (NON-EMERGENCY)
  • Hammond City Emergency
    9-911 (EMERGENCY)
    853-6490 (NON-EMERGENCY)
  • Department of Housing and Residential Education
    (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
  • University Village Peregrine Service Desk
  • University Village Griffin Service Desk
    (Daily after 5:00 p.m., during holidays and weekends)
  • Purdue University Calumet Information Desk:

Silent Witness Program

Community involvement is the key to any quality Community Oriented Policing Program. Prompt, informative and responsible reporting of criminal incidents and suspicious activity by the community is essential to an effective and efficient response to these incidents. We urge the campus community to contact the University Police if they witness a crime or have been a victim of a crime.

We realize and recognize an individual’s need to remain anonymous. Therefore, you can report criminal incidents and/or suspicious activity anonymously by completing a form on the University Police Web site, or by calling the anonymous hotline at 219-989-2912.


ALERT ME!, PUC’s newly developed text messaging service provides the capability to communicate brief, urgent information /notifications that affect the status of campus operations to students, faculty, staff and the community.

Anyone who wishes to receive ALERT ME! notification can subscribe by completing a form on the ALERT ME! Web site .

Please note — – your cellular provider may charge you for text messages based on your provider-customer agreement. Also, please check with your cellular provider to ensure your phone can receive text messages.

In addition to an initial text message upon subscription and emergency notifications, a test text message will be sent three times a year — at the beginning of each semester — for testing.

For additional information, visit the ALERT ME! Web site Frequently Asked Questions.

Snow and Ice Storm Emergency

The decision to interrupt normal campus operations means either of the following conditions is in effect:

  • Classes are Canceled This means that ALL classes scheduled to meet that particular day at both on and off-campus sites have been canceled; but university offices, departments and services remain open. OR
  • The University is Closed This means that ALL on and off-campus functions, services, programs and activities are canceled that day. The campus is considered closed to all persons except those assisting in emergency operations. Consequently, all persons except emergency personnel are required to immediately leave the campus. No one will be permitted to return until normal campus operations are resumed.

So that all campus personnel affected can receive the information promptly and accurately, official notification will be handled in the following manner:

  • University Home Page
  • Radio/TV announcements: WJOB (Hammond, 1230am), WGN (720am), WBBM (780am), WAKE (Valparaiso105.5fm), WZVN (Valparaiso 107fm), WXRD (Valparaiso 103.9fm) and all local Chicago television stations (Channels 2, 5, 7 and 9);
  • Information Center: Via voice mail message by phoning extension 2400;
  • Automated Emergency Phone Call System: This system will notify regular employees and critical contract operations employees at their home or campus;
  • University E-Mail System: Message will be sent general distribution to all employees and students with Purdue University Calumet email accounts;
  • Electronic Message Boards: Message will be posted to all;

Suspension/closing of the campus DURING the normal campus day (after 7:30AM) will be communicated by the various emergency notification systems;

Notification to “Resume” normal campus operations will be made by all of the above methods except Radio/TV (Radio/TV typically do not make these type of announcements).

Important Phone Numbers

For Quick Reference:
Department / Office Phone Number
Academic Affairs 989-2446
Academic Counseling 989-2366
Admissions 989-2213
Bookstore 989-2322
Campus Life & Student Activities 989-2369
Career Services 989-2600
Chancellor, Office of the 989-2204
Computer Lab (Main) 989-2305
Counseling Center 989-2366
Dean Of Students 989-4141
Dining Services (Chartwells) 989-2629
Financial Aid & Student Accounts 989-2301
Fitness/Wellness/Sports 989-2540
Health Center 989-1235
Help Desk (Computers) 989-2888 (option 2)
Housing and Residential Education, Department of 989-4150
Information Desk (University) 989-2040
International Affairs Office 989-2502
International Student Services 989-2082
Library 989-2224
New Student Orientation 989-2369
University Police and Safety (Non-Emergency) 989-2220
University Police and Safety (Emergency) Mobile Device: 911
Campus Telephone: 9-911
Hammond Police Department 9-911
Registrar 989-2210
Student Accounts (Financial Aid) 989-2301
Student Affairs, Office of 989-2367
Student Government Association 989-2394
Student Support Services 989-2727
University Village Peregrine Service Desk 989-8322
University Village Griffin Service Desk 989-4192