Early Arrival Request

Residents of The University Village community are provided with move in dates based on their housing contract and residents are expected to move in on their official move-in date. If a resident needs to move-in prior to the start of their official move in date, they may complete an Early Arrival Request Form. Early Arrival Requests are sent to and reviewed by housing administration and approved or not approved on a case-by-case basis. Please note that submitting an Early Arrival Request does not guarantee that your request will be approved nor does it guarantee that you will be able to move in prior to your official start date.

Early Arrival Request Process (Please read carefully):

1. Students requesting to move-in prior to their official move-in date must complete an Early Arrival Request Form.

2. Students must have a completed housing file and must be assigned before completing this form.
3. Early Arrival Requests are reviewed by housing administration for approval.

4. A Response to the Early Arrival Request will be provided within 5 business days of receipt of the request.

5. Once a request has been approved, early arrival charges will be placed on the respective resident’s student account.

6. Early arrival charges are $30.00 per night up until the start of the Fall contract (8/16/13).

7. Residents will be responsible for making financial arrangements for their early arrival charges.

For International Students:

International student residents who are requesting to move in to The University Village community prior to their official move-in date must complete a Housing Early Arrival Request Form and an Airport Pickup Form at http://webs.purduecal.edu/intl/airport-pick-up.

Have you submitted your $20 application fee and $200 deposit?

Have you submitted your housing contract?

If yes, have you received a confirmation email?