Recycling at The University Village

The Department of Housing and Residential Education is proud to announce the PUC Recycling Program to The University Village community.

Purdue University Calumet’s Recycling Program is managed through the Building Services and General Services Departments. It was developed to provide a means for the University to minimize solid waste and promote recycling.

Our Recycling Program is expanding to ensure that we meet the goals that were established by the Indiana 1990 General Assembly for recycling and waste reduction. The new program will support recycling of glass, plastics, metals, office paper, and cardboard.

By following some of the Recycling Tips below, you can make a difference in the Recycling Program and help Purdue University Calumet meet its recycling goals. If, in doubt, about what to recycle, refer to the Recyclable Material List, or if you would like some additional reasons for recycling, refer to the Why Recycle section also shown in the HRE Recycling Brochure (PDF).

As a University Village resident, you can become a part of the Recycling Program in the following ways…

  • Review the HRE Recycling Brochure (PDF) which contains valuable information, including the reasons to recycle, the Recyclable List (acceptable and non-acceptable), and Recycling Tips.
  • Use the small, light green dumpster located outside of the enclosed dumpsters for all of the items on the acceptable recyclables list (found within the HRE Recycling Brochure (PDF)).
  • Separate your recyclables from your regular trash and place them in the light green Recycling Dumpsters.
  • Encourage other residents to recycle!
    When recycling, please remember these important notes…

  • Rinse food from containers
  • Breakdown large items to maximize space
  • Aerosol cans must be empty
  • Plastic containers must be empty
  • Glass containers must be empty

If you need more information or assistance with recycling on campus, please contact Facilities Services at x2888 option 3.

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