Channel 80

Channel 80 LogoThe Department of Housing and Residential Education (HRE) would like to introduce Channel 80 to the residents of The University Village community. Channel 80 is dedicated to providing residents with the following:

-University Village Announcements
-Program and Event Information
-HRE Departmental Information
-Important University Announcements
-Residence Life Cinema

Residents can access Channel 80 from anywhere within The University Village community, using a TV/VCR to connect to the cable system. Residents are encouraged to stay connected to Channel 80 and are required to check their PUC email accounts so that they may be informed of important news and announcements.

The Department of Housing and Residential Education is proud to present, Residence Life Cinema to the University Village community. Please see the exert below, regarding what Residence Life Cinema is and how it can benefit all residents of the University Village! Click Here to Learn More About Residence Life Cinema!

Residence Life Cinema Logo