Wireless Support

University Village Wireless Support

  • “Calnet3″ is the preferred secure network for current PUC students, staff, and faculty.
  • “Calnet Setup” can be used to auto provision Calnet3 on most wireless devices. – (linux is not supported, call the support center at x2888, option 2 for assistance.)
  • “eduroam” is the preferred secure network used for W.L., PNC, and other visiting education institutions that support eduroam.
  • “CalnetMedia” is an unsecure MAC authorized based wireless network for dorm users only to support gaming/media devices that do not support Calnet3.
  • “PUCGuest” is used for guest access.  If users need wireless guest access, they must fill out the following form: http://webs.purduecal.edu/infosvcs/wireless-guest-access/.

Calnet3/Calnet Setup directions

There are three ways to connect to calnet3.

  1. The preferred method is to use the wireless network “Calnet Setup” for auto provisioning to calnet3.
    1. Connect to the “Calnet Setup” network.
    2. Open your browser and navigate to any page – it will automatically redirect the setup page.
    3. Follow the directions on the page.
    4. Sign in with your PUC username and password when prompted.
    5. The setup process should now connect you to the calnet3 network.
  2. The second method is to select wireless network “calnet2″ and let the OS auto connect.
    1. Click on Calnet3 from the list of available networks; click “connect” and enter your user ID and password.  If a certificate prompt appears, click “connect.”
  3. The third method is to manually setup the wireless network “calnet3″.  Settings are as follows:
    1. Network Name: calnet3
    2. Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    3. Encryption Type: AES
    4. Authentication Method: PEAP

CalnetMedia Setup Directions

CalnetMedia is for gaming/media devices that do not support 802.1x username/password authentication.

The wireless MAC address of the device must be registered with the customer service center (CSC).

  1. Call the customer service center helpdesk at 219-989-2888 and ask for assistance with registering a device to the wireless network.  They will collect all the required information and assign the ticket to the networking group.
  2. The will also be informed to connect the device to the open SSID of “CalnetMedia”.  The user will be initially denied access until the networking team registers the device.
  3. A network technician will register the MAC address and will call the user to verify that they can connect to the internet.

Note: The original nintendo Wii console is not compatible with CalnetMedia. The user must purchase a Nintendo Wii usb to Ethernet adapter.

All other gaming/media devices such as the xbox 360, xbox one, playstation 4, appleTV, roku, most smart TV’s, most smart DVD players are compatible with CalnetMedia.  It’s preferred that if the device has a wired connection, then the user should use the wired jack in their room.  The wired connection will provide additional bandwidth over the wireless network.  The user must call the CSC to register media/gaming devices for the wired network as well.