I’ve been accepted! Now What?

Congratulations on being accepted! Membership in the University Honors Program is prestigious, and the merits of each applicant are considered carefully. You should be proud of this accomplishment.

The following checklist outlines the steps you will need to take over the coming months. If you are a transfer student, then you may have already completed many of the beginning steps. As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, you can always contact our Director, Dr. John Rowan at jrowan@purduecal.edu, or you can contact our current Honors Student President, Matt Meier at meier2@purduecal.edu.

1.) Confirm your intention of attending Purdue University Calumet and Joining the University Honors Program

Please email the Director, Dr. John Rowan (jrowan@purduecal.edu) to let him know you are planning to attend. If you are not yet sure whether you will attend, let him know that instead. If you have any questions regarding enrollment or the Honors Program, now would be a perfect time to ask!

2.) Let us know a little bit about yourself

In your email to Dr. Rowan (step 1), please include a little information about yourself. The application can only ask so much, and we would love to know about who you are. You can talk about whatever you like: your interests, your concerns, your family, your dream job, whatever you want. This is your chance to boast about yourself in saying what you have accomplished so far, and it is our chance to learn more about our new students.

3.) Arrange to take the Math Placement Test (ALEKS)

The ALEKS placement test is required of all new students at Purdue Calumet prior to attending New Student Orientation (described below). The ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) test is a web-based, online mathematics assessment. When registering for classes during New Student Orientation, your academic advisors will use your ALEKS score and intended college major to determine your math placement.

To begin taking the ALEKS assessment, you must log in to the myPUC portal. To log in, use the login and password provided in your Purdue University Calumet Admissions letter (not your Honors Program acceptance letter). Upon first login, you will be required to change your password. ALEKS is located on the “Enrollment Services / PC Star” tab in the myPUC portal, at the top of the page. On the right side of the page, click the link provided to go to the ALEKS assessment. A brief tutorial in ALEKS will show you how to use the answer input tools. Once the tutorial is complete, you can begin the ALEKS assessment. You should plan to spend about 90 minutes to complete the assessment; however, you may want to set aside two hours, just to be safe. ALEKS assesses your current math knowledge by asking a series of free response questions, and the questions you get are based on your answers to previous questions. No two tests will be alike!

Once the online assessment is complete, you will be redirected to the webpage for registering for an upcoming New Student Orientation date. Plan to take the ALEKS math placement assessment as soon as possible after admission to the university.

4.) Register for the next New Student Orientation

After taking the ALEKS placement test, you can register for a New Student Orientation session. Visit the New Student Orientation website at , in order to find out more information. Before you can register, you need to have been formally accepted to the University and pay a $30 non-refundable fee. You can visit their Payment Information Page for more information. Once you have met these requirements, you can register by clicking on the following link: Register for New Student Orientation. If you have any questions regarding the NSO registration process, do not hesitate to contact the Department of New Student Orientation at 219-989-4160.

5.) Arrive at New Student Orientation and Introduce yourself to the Honors Program Representative(s) attending

On the day of your New Student Orientation, you will arrive on campus and be greeted by friendly student leaders. You will also sign in and receive a mini-backpack that contains your schedule for the day as well as several pieces of valuable information. During the orientation, you will hear about many resources on campus and how you can benefit from them. Be sure to introduce yourself to the Honors representative(s) who is attending on that day. It may be the Director, the Student President, or other staff member. Let them know who you are!

You will be given a tour of the campus on this day, as well as the opportunity to meet with your advisor to schedule your classes. Some majors allow you to choose the classes yourself, whereas others already have your first semester schedule created for you. Either way, you will need to have HONR 100 as one of your classes this fall. If you have any questions about your class schedule, please discuss them with Dr. John Rowan and your assigned advisor.

6.) Have your advisor enroll you in Honors 100 and if possible COM114-H as well

Again, you will meet with your academic advisor at the New Student Orientation, and that person will assist you in enrolling for classes. At that time, please show them the University Honors Program acceptance letter and let them know of your need to be enrolled in HONR 100. Also, we strongly encourage you to take the special Honors section of public speaking (COM 114 – Honors). It is offered each fall, and is required for all students in every major at Purdue Calumet. Taking the special Honors section of this course will count toward your Honors Program academic requirements while also allowing you to integrate more fully into our Honors community. As always, any questions about this can be directed to Dr. John Rowan (jrowan@purduecal.edu).

7.) Confirm / Accept any Scholarships that you are receiving

Some scholarships require you to formally accept them before they can be dispersed to your account. To see if you have any that need to be formally accepted, complete the following steps. First, log into MyPUC using your username and new password that you used at New Student Orientation. Next, click on “Enrollment Services / PC Star” at the top of the page. On the left side of the screen, click on the link “Financial Aid Awards,” select the student aid year, and click submit. From here, review your information, and accept the awards that you wish to accept. If you have any questions or are not seeing a scholarship you believe you have been awarded, please contact Financial Aid by going to Lawshe 130 during business hours. Be sure to bring your Student ID with you.

If you are being awarded the University Honors Program scholarship, you should see one of your awards as listed “Honors Student Scholarship.” Remember, the amount is $1,500 PER SEMESTER for in-state students, and $2,000 PER SEMESTER for out-of-state students. Dependents of university employees can receive up to $750 per semester. If you do not see this scholarship, or if you have any questions about it, please contact Dr. John Rowan (jrowan@purduecal.edu) right away to have it resolved.

8.) Pay for classes

Once you have been enrolled in the correct classes and have accepted your scholarships and/or loan amounts, you are now ready to pay for the remaining amount for your classes. The payment deadline is listed as August 1, but be sure to check with Financial Aid about this! Failing to pay by the deadline will result in all your classes being removed from your schedule.

In order to pay for classes, follow these steps. First, log into MyPUC (Click Here to Login). Next, click on “Enrollment Services / PC Star” at the top of the page. Near the bottom of the page in the middle column, click on the link “Pay My Bill,” and then click on the Online Payment System (a new window will appear, so make sure pop-ups are enabled). From here, you can view your bill, see what charges were posted to your account, and make a payment. Follow the links under “Make a Payment” to process your bill. Under most circumstances, any additional funds you pay (for example you over pay, or pay and then drop a course, etc.) will be refunded back to your account.

9.) Get your books

With your class schedule in hand, you can purchase books online to be shipped to you or to be delivered to the on-campus bookstore to be picked up. To begin, Click on this link to be taken to the Bookstore. Under the books menu-bar, select Textbooks & Course Materials. Select your Program (typically Calumet Campus), and select your current semester. Under the following drop down selections (Department, Course, and Section), choose the one that applies for your specific class. For example it could be Department is MGMT, Section 10100 (Intro to Business), and Section 1. Once you’ve selected the correct course and section, click Submit.

You now know what books are required or suggested for that section. You may be able to choose between new, used, e-book, or even renting (cheaper, but you must return the book). In addition, the books list their ISBN number, and you can use that number to look up the same book on Amazon, half.com, chegg, etc. Try to find the best deals out there, but be careful; sometimes there are items you need in the package (such as a code or CD) that the bookstore offers but other sites may not. Once you have added all your items to your cart and have purchased from other sites what you need, you can then pay for it, select a shipping option, and wait for your books to arrive! You are just about ready to begin your first semester at college!

10.) Attend Honors Orientation

One of the final things to do before you start classes is attend our own Honors Orientation. This is a mandatory meeting that all incoming Honors Students must attend! Here, you will meet your new classmates in the HONR 100 class, as well as the student leaders, and the Director. We will have an informal meeting which will include lunch, a discussion of program information and requirements, activities, and plenty of time for your questions to get answered. Confirm your attendance at the orientation by emailing our Student President Matt Meier (meier2@purduecal.edu) so he can put together a list. This is also move-in day at the University Village, and there may be other things going on around campus; however, attendance at our Honors orientation is required, so if you face any conflicts, let us know and we will help resolve them.

11.) Finally, Attend Classes!

You are done! Complete! Finished! Actually, you are just beginning! Once the semester starts, soak up everything you can, both in the classroom and in terms of extracurricular options. Be a diligent student, an exceptional leader, an insightful brilliant researcher, and an active, enthusiastic member of our Honors community.