Saul Lerner

Saul Lerner

Professor of History

Telephone: 219/989-2329
Office: CLO 209


B.A. Youngstown University
M.A. University of Kansas
Ph.D. University of Kansas (1966)

Selected Service

Head, Department of History and Political Science, Purdue University Calumet, 1974-1986,1994-2007.

Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Purdue University Calumet, 1986-1991

Affirmative Action Officer, Purdue University Calumet, 1986-1991

Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Purdue University Calumet, 1986-1991

Honors Program Director, Purdue University Calumet, 1984-1993

Acting Dean of the School of General Studies, Purdue University Calumet, 1986-1991

Outstanding Service Award, Alumni Association, Purdue University Calumet, 1991

Outstanding Teaching Award, Purdue University Calumet, 1991

Acting Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Purdue University Calumet, 1998-2001

Research and Teaching Interests

American environmental history
Intellectual History
Economic History
The Holocaust
The History of the 1960’s
Bigotry in history

Courses recently taught

Hist 151:  American History to 1877

Hist 374/Econ 375: American Economic History

Hist 370:  The Holocaust, 1933-45

Hist 306: US in the 1960’s

Hist 389: World of Ideas

Hist 590: Modern Terrorism

Hist 590: Global Warming

Hist 651: Globalization and Crisis

Hist 651: Creating a Master Race

Hist 584: US Social History

Hist 593: Early American Intellectual History

Additional information

Professor Lerner is delighted to provide assistance to students seeking admission to law school or graduate school and does academic advising for the Purdue University Calumet Graduate History Program.