Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical record?

A medical record is a legal document providing a chronicle of a patient’s medical history and care.  Every patient who has received health care services at the Purdue University Calumet Student Health Services Center has a medical record.

Who has access to my medical records?

Only authorized personnel at the SHSC have access to the medical records.  A patient’s written authorization must be given in order for the medical record to be shared or released.  Some exceptions to this include:

  • Forwarding records to other health care providers for continuity of care.
  • Releasing information when required by law, such as the reporting of infectious disease or animal bites to the State Health authorities.

Can my family member or friend have access to my medical records?

If you would like another person to be able to communicate to SHSC staff regarding your healthcare, your written authorization is required.

How do I get a copy of or authorize access to my medical records?

You may request a copy of your medical record for yourself or another health care provider by:

  • Come to the SHSC located in the Gyte Annex 34 lower level
  • Show your Purdue University Calumet Student ID
  • Sign a Medical Release Form

*For those of you who cannot make a personal visit to the SHSC, please call (219) 989-1235 for further information on obtaining your medical records.

Can my spouse and children use the Student Health Services Center?

Currently, only enrolled Purdue University Calumet students qualify to use the services at the Student Health Center.

Do I have to have health insurance or cash up front to go to the clinic?

The SHSC does not take cash or file any insurance.  Any charges from your visit will be billed to your PC Star account.  You will be able to pay your bill online or visit the Bursars office and pay in person.