Learn more about the Meningitis Vaccine

MENINGOCOCCAL – Meningitis is an inflammation of the lining surrounding the brain and spinal cord. For most college students, the risk of meningococcal disease is similar to that of persons the same age in the general population. For college freshmen who live in residence halls, there is a modestly increased risk of meningococcal disease relative to other persons their age.

Lifestyle behaviors that put individuals at increased risk include cigarette smoking, alcohol ingestion, bar patronage, and close, crowded living conditions .Meningococcal vaccine is reasonably safe and effective against the sero-groups included in the vaccine. Approximately 70% of meningococcal disease is caused by sero-groups covered by the vaccine. Protective levels of antibody usually are achieved 7-10 days after vaccination.

The Purdue Student Health Center can order and administer this vaccine at cost. For further information, please call 219-989-1235.