About Human Development & Family Studies

The objective of the Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) undergraduate academic program is to educate students for a variety of vocational areas within the human services. These areas include entry-level positions within the areas of case management services, health management services, mental health services, child welfare services, and services to support the elderly.

Designed to fully articulate with both the existing Associate of Arts Degrees in Early Childhood Development, and Child and Family Services, the program provides expanded educational opportunities for those employed in the human services in such positions as public and private child care center directors, case managers and service coordinators.

The program is designed to expose students to best practices in their desired area of vocation. For those focusing on careers in the area of child and family studies, the program will provide students with the opportunity to understand human services from a “system-of-care” perspective and to develop best practice competencies as articulated by major accreditation organizations. For those pursuing careers in the field of gerontology, the program will provide students with exposure to best practices in service provision to older adults.

Students also will be provided with the theoretical knowledge in human development and family processes needed in practice and future graduate work. The statistical and research requirements of the program will further support a student seeking graduate work in early childhood, gerontology, family studies, social work, marriage and family studies and social policy. The practicum component of the program will expose the students to a structured learning experience within their chosen field.

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