Non-Degree Seeking Admissions

PUC students outside SUL building

Students who wish to attend graduate school for professional and personal enrichment without seeking an additional degree.

 Non-degree seeking applicants may apply for one of the following classifications:

Post-baccalaureate: those who wish to pursue graduate study without advanced degree objectives. *Post-baccalaureate admission is not a form of probationary admission to a degree program. 

  1. Teachers License: holders of baccalaureate or higher degree, who wish to work toward an advanced teacher license without working toward an advanced degree. 
  2. International Special: international students who, with the financial sponsorship of their governments or employers, seek to meet objectives not appropriate for an advanced degree.
  3. Readmission/Re-entry: those who previously have been enrolled as graduate students at Purdue University, who have not been enrolled for at three (3) consecutive sessions. Summer school counts as a session.



No more than 12 credit hours earned as a non-degree seeking student may be applied to a graduate degree if the student is later admitted as a regular degree-seeking student.  If an applicant for the regular degree program is approved during the semester in which the applicant is enrolled for the twelfth credit hour as a non-degree seeking student, all credits completed prior to and during the semester are eligible for inclusion in the plan of study.  However, the courses must be appropriate for the degree and be acceptable to the department, the Executive Dean, and the Graduate School.  Students who fail to gain admission as degree-seeking students in a timely fashion may lose credits already earned.

Any course in which a student receives lower than a “B” may not be included in a plan of study if earned while in non-degree or post-baccalaureate status.