Graduate Students Path to Graduation

Below are student instructions to meet requirements for graduation.

Download a diagram of the Path to Graduation (PDF)

  1. Apply-Submit all required documents
  2. Admission- Be aware of any conditions
  3. Meet with Advisor- Plan studies and register for class
  4. Submit Plan of Study Through EPOS-Should be submitted no later than the semester prior to semester of graduation. Any changes can be submitted any time prior to graduation. Late plan of study submission will result in delayed graduation. Check after four weeks to make sure your plan of study was fully approved.
  5. Complete Your Course Work

Faculty must complete Form 7

Non-Thesis option –

Complete credit hours required for graduation. Complete additional degree requirements. Congratulations you are done!

Thesis option-

Credit hours of regular courses plus thesis credit hours.

Prepare for Defense option

  1. File Request for Appointment Form 8, at least two weeks before defense. Give thesis hard copies to committee memebers at least one week before defense.
  2. Obtain signatures on Final Exam Report Form 7, at defense. Print Thesis Acceptance Form 9 and obtain signature.
  3. Deposit hard copy to department per requirements. Congratulations you are done!

Deposit  your Thesis option

  1. Give hard copy to format advisor for approval
  2. Once thesis is approved, deposit electronically with Electronic Thesis Acceptance Form 9 and Research Integrity Form 20 attached to the beginning with NO signature, just printed.
  3. Once thesis is accepted by West Lafayette, bring Thesis Acceptance Form 9, Masters Thesis Agreement Form 19, Research Integrity Form 20 with signatures to thesis format advisor BEFORE THE DEADLINE!
  4. If thesis is confidential, include Request for Confidentiality of Thesis Form 14
  5. Deposit hard copy to department per requirements. Congratulations you are done!