Graduate Aide Positions

Graduate aid positions are a form of financial aid to support graduate study. Employment is incidental to graduate study. Graduate students who are employed by the University provide services (teaching, research, administrative) that further the missions of the University while providing students with valuable professional experience and financial remuneration in the form of tuition remission and a modest salary. These students are considered employees and are subject to the policies and procedures outlined in the Graduate Staff Employment Manual.PUC office

Graduate aides on the Calumet campus may work as teaching assistants, research assistants or as general administrative help.  Graduate Aide positions are very competitive since there are far more applicants than positions available.   


To be eligible to hold a graduate staff position during any session, an individual must be enrolled as a graduate student in a degree-seeking or teacher licensing program and be registered for at least three credit hours of graduate level (50000 or above) course and/or research work during the entire appointment period.  

The appointment must be in effect during the first six weeks of a semester or July 1 of the summer session.

If an appointment terminates within the first six weeks after the start of a semester or before July 1 during the summer session and the coursework is continued, all fees will be assessed for the semester or summer session. 

Students enrolled in the summer are eligible for the summer fee remission if they held a graduate aide position in the prior spring semester and will also be appointed to a graduate aid position in the following fall semester. 

A student who held a graduate aide position in the spring semester but will not hold one in the fall semester because he or she will graduate during the summer may be granted a remission for the summer session.

Graduate aide positions are available on a quarter-time and half-time basis.  Three-quarter time and full time positions or students with multiple positions totaling three-quarter or full time will not be allowed without prior approval of the Provost.   It is the hiring department’s responsibility to verify the that student does not hold appointments will total over half-time. 

Health insurance is not available to graduate staff employees.

To obtain a graduate staff position inquire within your department or the Center for Career and Leadership Development. Please check with your admitting program for its policy on graduate aide positions.  Students may also find graduate aide positions around the university through Career Trax, listed on the Career Services page. Hourly student positions may also be available.

Fee Remission

Graduate students who are appointed as graduate aides are granted a tuition remission in addition to the pay received for the hours worked. The tuition remission leaves the student to pay $771.20 for general tuition PLUS technology, parking, and R&R fees per credit hour each semester (effective 2014-2015). Tuition and fees are subject to change every academic year.

The document for Graduate Staff Appointments Stipends is available through the Human Resources office, under Pay Scale documents.

A fee remission form must be submitted each semester a student holds a graduate aide position.    The student must complete the fee remission form and submit it to their employing department for the proper signature.     Signed fee remission forms must submitted to the Graduate Studies office no later than two (2) weeks after position appointment.

The Graduate Staff Fee Remission Form is available through the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounts.

For frequently asked questions about fee remissions, please see FAQ-Graduate Staff Fee Remissions.

For additional questions regarding Graduate Staff Remission Policy, please refer to the Graduate Staff Employment Manual.