Electronic Transcripts for Graduate Applicants or Transfer Students

The Graduate Studies Office at PUC  accepts electronic transcripts from institutions of higher education in the United States.  If you are submitting transcripts as part of your application package to a graduate program on this campus, please request that the Registrar of your institution direct the electronic transcripts to the Graduate Studies Office (see below for specific instructions).  

The Registrar of your institution (undergraduate and graduate, if any) should direct the electronic transcripts to Ms. Peggy Greer, Coordinator of Admissions and Records, at grad@purduecal.edu  The Coordinator will direct the transcript information to the program listed on your application. 

Electronic transcripts from applicants for degrees/course work earned outside the United States are not currently accepted with the exception of a new pilot program.   Effective August 1, 2014, the Office of Graduate Studies will also accept electronic transcripts from colleges and universities in India via TrueCopy Credentials or Parchment Exchange. The transcript must be sent to grad@purduecal.edu.   The Office of Graduate Studies does not accept electronic transcripts from international colleges or universities except for those noted in the pilot program above.