Online Gift Instructions

  1. From the Giving Website, select Purdue Calumet in the drop-down box as the designation area
  2. Select the Fund you would like your gift to go – example “Chancellor’s Strategic Development Fund”
  3. If there are any notes regarding this gift please enter this in under other instructions, if not you can leave this portion blank
  4. Enter the gift amount (ex. 100) – omit the dollar sign when filling out the form
  5. The appeal code will automatically fill based on the fund you selected
  6. Select if gift is in honor or memory of someone

    Form fields on the "Giving to Purdue" web page circled in red

  8. If this is the only gift you are making to Purdue Calumet at this time please click “CHECKOUT” on the right hand side of the webpage

    My one-time gifts and pledge payments section and "CHECKOUT" button circled in black

  9. If the following information is correct please click “CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT

    Check Review page with the "Continue to Checkout" button circled

  10. Fill out the following personal information form
  11. When complete, select “CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT

    Personal Information form with the "CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT" button circled

  12. If the following information is correct select “Continue

    Please select a payment method page (gift amount, payment method, recurring gift?) with the "Continue" button circled

  13. Enter credit card information
  14. When complete click “Continue

    Credit card information page with the "Continue" button circled