The Legacy Society

The Planned Giving Program of Purdue University Calumet

Purdue University Calumet has achieved historical and unprecedented status through…

  • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty research
  • An unparalleled experiential learning program
  • On-campus student housing
  • Growing status as a leader and partner advancing Northwest Indiana

Contributing to Purdue Calumet’s achievements is the financial generosity of alumni and friends through planned giving. A planned gift not only benefits Purdue Calumet, but also offers you the prospect of immediate and future tax benefits. It also allows you to establish a lasting means to honor or memorialize a loved one.

How will your planned gift benefit Purdue Calumet?

Through cash, real estate, life insurance, securities and retirement plans, you can make a gift now or later. Doing so will enable you to derive the personal satisfaction that comes from helping Purdue Calumet students. A planned gift also provides a living legacy for you or a member of your family.

By making a leadership gift, you can designate your gift specifically for…

  • Scholarships
  • Campus Capital Projects
  • Academic School or Department
  • Endowments
  • Athletics


Need help deciding what planned gift is best for you?


A planned gift can be realized in a variety of ways.

Life Income for You… Charitable Annuities and Trusts

Various investment instruments allow you to secure current and future tax savings and income for you/your family through  charitable annuities and trusts.

Wealth Replacement

A true hybrid combination of gift and income can be realized in this manner. A gift given to the University is established with all allowable tax benefits for you. A portion of the income from the gift is used to purchase life insurance. Typically the total value  available to your heirs is nearly twice that of the initial gift and transferred without any tax burden. Let us show you how this could work for you!

Put It to Work… Securities Including Real Estate

Gifts of securities include stocks, bonds and shares of mutual funds. You may find these gifts attractive, because such appreciated assets are deductible in amounts up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Similar advantages are available for gifts of real  estate.

So Simple… Life Insurance

You can plan a gift from some or all of the proceeds of a life insurance policy. If you have a policy that no longer is needed for its original purpose, you may secure tax savings today and avoid significant future estate tax. You also may name Purdue Calumet as  beneficiary of a new policy you purchase. Such a gift offers outstanding opportunities and flexibility in combination with other  income-producing gifts (charitable trusts) in which primary gift income can be used to purchase additional life insurance.

Here’s an Idea… Retirement Plans

If you are 70½ or older, you can make a planned gift from an IRA. Such a gift will not be taxed as income unlike other retirement  plan assets that can hold serious tax consequences for you or your heirs. Your retirement plan advisor can advise you how best to  maximize the gift potential of this asset.

Your Legacy… Wills and Bequests

If you have provided for your loved ones, you may choose to define a gift based on a percentage of your estate, a specific asset, or  what is commonly referred to as the remainder of the estate. With life expectancies continuing to grow, many providers have  provided generously for their heirs. Having done so permits opportunities for additional gifts to be made to charities of choice.

To discuss opportunities and options to make a planned gift that can serve beyond a lifetime, we invite you to contact Purdue Calumet’s Office of Advancement at 219/989-2323 or 800-HI-PURDUE, ext. 2323 (throughout northwest Indiana and the Illinois Chicagoland area).

All information is offered as general knowledge. Before making a planned gift, we encourage you to seek professional consultation from your financial planner, accountant and/or wealth manager.

Planned Giving Gift Chart