How You Can Help

Purdue Calumet stands willing to face the challenge. We hope that you will stand with us.

What we are… what we do…

Purdue University Calumet is a vital and diverse campus in the Purdue University system. It is a comprehensive, public university committed to its land grant mission; offering educational programs of excellence focused on the professional, general educational and lifelong learning needs of the people of the Calumet region. Purdue University Calumet is committed to positioning the University as a leader in providing an effective 21st Century education by enhancing the engaged learning experience and continuing to provide programs and services that meet the regional community needs.

We are dedicated to setting the high academic standards necessary for our diverse student population to attain success beyond graduation – and to providing a learning environment and a learning experience that will assist them in achieving their goals. Above all, we support and challenge them in discovering their potential to contribute both locally and globally in a 21st century world. It is the students and the region we serve and the creativity with which we serve them that gives value and recognition to Purdue University Calumet.

Purdue Calumet serves students whose educational pursuit is affected by other important factors and obligations. For the University and our students to succeed, we must accept the multi-faceted challenge of providing quality education to a student body who overwhelmingly commutes to and from school, often works their way through college, may have responsibilities to children or parents, and who may oscillate between full and part time study – often at more than one university.

Our challenge is to provide those students who come to us with an engaged learning experience that has coherence and integrity, challenges them to do their best work and prepares them for their future lives and careers in a “flatter”, more global world. And to do
so in a way that prices our education within their reach.

We need your help.

In part, that means financial support. 37.2% of our operating budget comes from the State of Indiana.
Capital funding can help us renovate, renew and rebuild existing structures to meet our 21st Century needs. In addition, we can add new buildings, expand classroom and laboratory space, modernize our library student union, and add athletic facilities to accommodate a student population that grows on the average of 2% per year.

Scholarship support enables us to assist students in need, reward student achievement, and recruit the best and the brightest. Scholarship support will ease the financial burden of our students. Endowed scholarships provide assistance in perpetuity and leave a legacy of support for generations to come.

Faculty grants and endowments allow us to recruit and retain an outstanding and diverse faculty and provide resources and opportunities so that we may support the full range of learning opportunities.

In addition, we need your contacts,
your experience, and your participation.

Every student admitted to Purdue Calumet, beginning fall of 2008, is required to engage in two Experiential Learning opportunities prior to graduation. To students, it means gaining real-world experience in the disciplines that they’re considering for their careers. Students gain confidence and build relevant business skills that add value to their already powerful Purdue degree. Help us find opportunities for our students in your companies and your industries.

Our recruitment efforts can benefit from your first hand experiences. As a graduate or friend of Purdue University Calumet you know how special we are and how critical your education has been to your success. Help us share the message with high school students in the process of selecting the college or university that will best prepare them for the rest of their lives.

We are all stewards of this incredible resource for Northwest Indiana. We are fortunate to hold it in trust at a time when what we do can make a real difference to those who graduate from here and those who benefit from our graduates’ talents. Northwest Indiana has great potential, and Purdue University Calumet is one of the reasons why that is so.

Your participation can have a powerful impact.
We need you on our side.