Giving to Purdue Calumet

Purdue University Calumet has a
Plan for Success in Northwest Indiana…

Your donation to Purdue University Calumet reaches far beyond the boundaries of the campus. It is an investment in the future of Northwest Indiana.

With Northwest Indiana changing demographically and economically, Purdue University Calumet must be prepared to respond effectively-and with vision.

Our region is transitioning from heavy manufacturing to a growing reliance on service and professional economic opportunities.

In response, Purdue University Calumet is poised to supply Northwest Indiana with an educated and talented work force.

We plan to do that by retaining and graduating more students, while increasing enrollment to 10,500 within the next few years.

We also are positioning ourselves to advance our region through quality academic programs, facilities, faculty and outreach efforts.

In short, Purdue University Calumet has a plan for success…and it involves each of you.