Program Overview

The complexity of today’s business environment and the pressure to produce favorable results demand skills focused on investigative techniques, data analysis, and fraud assessment.  Professors Dolores Rinke and Angela Crossin from the Department of Accounting at Purdue University Calumet recognized the need to provide professionals with the necessary skills to become forensic accountants and fraud investigators.

As a result, Purdue Calumet’s School of Management responded to this need and is proud to introduce a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation.  This certificate program will provide accounting, business and law enforcement professionals the knowledge and experience in order to discover the underlying discrepancies of white collar crime.  Taught by a faculty of foremost fraud experts, this unique program is one of the few being offered in an on-campus setting versus online.

The Certificate in Forensic Accounting requires the completion of four graduate courses (12 credit hours).  Participants will be trained to to understand how and why occupational fraud is occurring, how it can be deterred or prevented, and how the allegations of fraud should be professionally investigated and resolved.  This program is designed to ensure that the student will become a proactive force in preventing, detecting and deterring fraud by teaching precise concepts in managing complex issues so that the student will be able to successfully apply vital business concepts and skills within a legal framework.

As one of the few universities that offer a Certificate in Forensic Accounting, we are proudly affiliated with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Instructors in the program include experts from Forensic Data Services, the U.S. Secret Service and others actively engaged in the discovery, investigation and litigation of white-collar crimes.  Visit faculty biographies to view more about their experience, published articles and the profession.