Frequently Asked Questions

See below for specific answers to questions you might have about your study abroad experience. However, if you find that your specific question hasn’t been answered, we encourage you to get in contact with the Program Directors for each of our study abroad programs:

Blois, France
Dr. Jin Lu

Cáceres, Spain
Dr. Maria Luisa Garcia-Verdugo

How is housing handled?

Participants will be housed with host families who are screened and selected by the Housing Coordinator. They will select homes where students will be comfortable and at ease while adjusting to the new culture.

How is food provided as part of the housing agreement?

You will be provided with two meals during the week and three meals on the weekend. This is all included in the cost of your trip. Note that food will consist mostly local foods and you should notify the Department of any special dietary needs as soon as possible. You may also choose to eat at local restaurants at your own personal expense, but it is a good idea to let your host family know well in advance of your plans to eat out as a courtesy to them. Finally, the university restaurant offers meals with student discounted price during the school week only.

How can I get Internet access?

Students may be able to access the internet at home and at the local university where classes are held.

Where will I do my laundry?

Host families will provide this facility.

What other expenses should I plan for while studying abroad?

For various forms of entertainment, excursions, souvenirs and parties, students should prepare to bring pocket money. How much, of course depends on your age and habits. Generally you should not bring more than you normally spend at home.

How can I get or exchange money?

The most convenient way to spend money is to use [your ATM cards to get cash from the many ATM machines in the city and credit cards for purchases. You can also exchange traveler’s checks in the post office or some local banks. Avoid bringing large amount of US dollars in cash with you.