Seldom Screened 2013


Please join the International Film Series at Purdue Calumet on Wednesday, February 19, at 6:30pm, in CLO 110,for Woody Allen’s latest Oscar-Nominated film, “BLUE JASMINE”.

Films are free and open to the public.

“A sharply observed, post-economic crash comedy-drama that boasts a formidable performance by Cate Blanchett and addresses such pertinent real-world concerns as class, gender and corporate criminality in urban America.”

“Smartly structured so that we see precisely how smugly insulated and privileged Jasmine’s (Blanchett’s) life with Hal (Alec Baldwin) was, the movie functions primarily as a study of a woman who’s unravelling right in front of us. And this is where Blanchett, so rarely used to full effect, is nothing short of remarkable.”
Geoff Pevere, Globe and Mail