Revised Code of Conduct

The Purdue system has a revised Student Code of Conduct. West Lafayette was the first to revise their code and the regional campuses adapted it to their campus culture. The Student Code of Conduct was last revised in 1973.

Some of the changes include:

  • Students will have the option of a pre-hearing interview to discuss the process, possible sanctions, and their rights, etc.
  • Students can now have advisors in the hearing
  • Students may now receive notification and decisions via email
  • Notice of charges and decisions can be sent to parents or guardians if the student is a dependent by age as defined by the IRS

Several violations were added to the codes:

  • Copyright infringement – unauthorized media downloading and unauthorized public showings of licensed media
  • Use, possession or distribution of narcotics, dangerous drugs, controlled substances, misuse of prescription drugs
  • Disruption of a class or lab to the extent that the behavior impedes and/or interferes with teaching and learning

The most significant change is the creation of three separate boards – the Community Standards Board (CSB), the Campus Appeals Board (CAB) and the Involuntary Withdrawal Appeals Committee (IWAC). The CSB may hear the most egregious cases of Code violations at the discretion of the Student Conduct Administrator. The CAB will hear appeals for student organizations that have been disciplined and for violations of the Student Bill of Rights.

The IWAC will hear appeals for those students who have been involuntarily withdrawn from the University.

The next steps will be to train all the board members, inform the campus community of the revised code and finally implementation. Currently, Purdue University Calumet and Purdue North Central are working together to have a joint implementation date this fall.