New On-line Readmission Application and Process

Students are readmitted to the University after they have completed their stop out period, which is a mandatory separation from the University for students whose GPA has dropped below the required index. In order for students to be readmitted they must complete their stop out period, fill out a readmission application, and pay a $100 readmission fee.

The readmission application process is administered by the Office of the Dean of Students and is now available on-line with step-by-step instructions so students understand each phase in the process. Students can also make an appointment to speak with a Readmit Specialist by calling 219.989.4141 if they need more detailed information or help.

Students must be aware that there is a deadline for submitting the readmission application. If that deadline is missed, the student, though s/he may have completed the stop out period, will not be readmitted, and cannot register for classes. This course of action is not taken to be punitive, but is meant as an educational tool for the vulnerable student to understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Often these students have had some difficulties with setting the proper boundaries and priorities for academic success.

It is suggested that students who are coming back from academic drop, register for classes before the class begins. It is helpful for the student to be in the classroom on the first day so he/she can get the syllabus and understand the expectations of the instructor. When students miss the first week or two of class, they have already missed pertinent information to help them succeed in that class.

Online Readmission ChecklistDuring New Student Orientation and the Freshman Year Experience courses, students are informed that they must keep their grades up or they can be in peril of academic drop. And if they do find themselves on academic probation, it is the time to take stock and make some changes. Being on academic probation is a warning sign that something has gone wrong and changes need to be made. Taking corrective courses of action can get the student back on track.

Students can find more information about the on-line readmission process at the Dean of Students Website at readmit.