Faculty Advice from the ODR

In accordance with disability law, Purdue University Calumet (PUC) is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. Creating an accessible environment is a collaborative process that involves the Office of Disability Resources (ODR), students, and all faculty and staff at PUC.

“What happens when I receive an accommodation letter?”

  • Upon receipt of a student’s accommodation letter, it would be helpful for you to make yourself available for a confidential meeting with the student to discuss arrangements for accommodations as early in the semester as possible. The student should initiate this meeting, however, faculty are encouraged to initiate the discussion in private when a student seems reluctant to do so.
  • It is good practice to follow the student’s lead in discussing his/her disability. Some students may be very open in their conversations, while others may be more reserved. Keep in mind that neither medical information nor the nature of the disability should be requested. Generally, the best approach is to focus conversation and questions on how to best provide the approved accommodations within the context of the course.
  • Always take into consideration that knowledge of a disability should be treated in a confidential manner. Identifying a student to peers or discussing a student’s disability or in the presence of others would be a violation of the student’s right to privacy.
  • By law, required accommodations as outlined in an ODR accommodation letter must be provided. However, you do have input in determining how accommodations should be provided in your class. An accommodation should not conflict with the essential requirements of a course or alter the fundamental nature of a program. ODR staff can serve as a resource if you have questions.
  • Please be aware that additional services you choose to provide, not listed in the letter, is solely at your discretion and not considered an approved accommodation from the ODR.

For more information, please contact the Office of Disability Resources at (219) 989-2455; TTY: (219) 989-2454 or e-mail at odr@purduecal.edu.