Another Vehicle for Student Success:

The Intercollegiate Student-Athlete Academic Support Program (ISASP)

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The ISASP’s goal is to cultivate the development of student-athletes as they balance academics with athletics while pursuing a postsecondary and/or graduate degree. A number of services, such as academic monitoring, referral services, webinars, academic advising and academic/personal development workshops are employed within the ISASP to aid student-athletes in successfully pursuing their academic goals. In addition to providing specific and targeted services to studentathletes the ISASP strongly encourages student-athletes to become familiar with, and to utilize, all of the services and programs offered on PUC’s campus.

The primary tool used for academic monitoring is Progress Report Forms. Each semester Progress Report Forms are circulated to the Purdue Calumet faculty in four-week intervals. These forms provide faculty with an opportunity to report on a student-athlete’s class participation, class assignments, current grade, and use of faculty office hours. It also provides faculty with an opportunity to briefly evaluate the student-athlete’s overall performance. Student-athletes who receive a 2.0 or below are encouraged to meet with the ISASP advisor to develop programming which will help the student-athlete to receive the highest grade possible in the respective course. This programming may include faculty-student conferences, faculty-student-ISASP advisor conferences, tutorial assistance, and/or referral services.

Throughout the fall, spring and summer semesters, a series of academic and personal development workshops and webinars will be offered to student-athletes on a voluntary basis. These workshops will cover topics such as study skills, note taking, time management, stress management, exam preparation, graduate school preparation, money management, and preparation for life after athletics.