CHC – Central Heating and Cooling

Utilities: The Central Heating & Cooling (CHC) Facility provides the campus with 25,000lbs/hr of low-pressure steam for space heating and 2325 tons of chiller capacity to meet the campus cooling load.  Power for the campus operations is distributed through15000 lineal feet of underground high voltage cables.  Environmental controls for campus air handling units, parking gates, external lights, and access control are handled through the Andover building automation system.  The remaining environmental controls are manually set and maintained to insure an environment that is conducive to the educational process at PUC.  The division is also responsible for maintaining an uninterruptible flow of electricity and natural gas to the campus.  To this end the most cost-effective means of purchasing these commodities are evaluated, monitored and pursued. 

Paul Pratt, Associate Director, Facilities Engineering 989-2064,

Rich Trznadel, Assistant Director, Facilities Systems & Utilities,  989-2230,

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