Welcome to Facilities Services

We develop, operate and maintain the physical environment and provide services which enhance and support Purdue University Calumet’s commitment to student success, community engagement, a quality learning environment, and faculty and staff excellence.

Facilities Services’ staff of 67 employees operates and maintains 24 University buildings totaling 1.6 Million Gross Square Feet situated on the 172 acre main campus and 7 off-campus sites.

Facilities Services Mission Statement:

Facilities Services strives to provide excellence in service to our customers and in stewardship of our physical assets.

Facilities Services consists of the following departments:

Building Services:  Responsible for the daily cleaning of all campus building common areas, public spaces, restrooms, conference rooms, office areas, labs and classrooms.  Other responsibilities include: trash collection, recycling, floor finishing and rug shampooing done on a cyclical basis, corridors buffed stripped and waxed as needed, snow and ice removal around entrances to buildings and steps, provides support for campus special events and set-ups, and provides support for moving furniture and equipment.

Grounds:  Perform all landscaping duties including planting, cutting, trimming, fertilizing and watering of trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds.  Cleaning and repair of campus roadways, walks, and parking lots, snow plowing, line painting, removal of storm drain debris, empty outdoor trash containers, integrated pest management and picking up litter.  Tours of the campus tree trail and green spaces, and support to other departments within Facilities Services.  Install campus event signs to support local and university functions.  Repair and service the campus vehicles and equipment fleet.  Provide oversight for activities of outside contractors (i.e. pavement and concrete repair, irrigation installation, turf treatment, tree trimming, and landscaping).

Maintenance:  Provide general repair activities for PUC which includes plumbing, access hardware, lighting, electrical, carpentry, general maintenance, lock & cylinder repair, building envelope maintenance, preventive maintenance and coordination and oversight of outside service contractors. .  Provide for regularly scheduled painting activities.

Utilities: The Central Heating & Cooling (CHC) Facility provides the campus with 25,000lbs/hr of low-pressure steam for space heating and 2325 tons of chiller capacity to meet the campus cooling load.  Power for the campus operations is distributed through15000 lineal feet of underground high voltage cables.  Environmental controls for campus air handling units, parking gates, external lights, and access control are handled through the Andover building automation system.  The remaining environmental controls are manually set and maintained to insure an environment that is conducive to the educational process at PUC.  The division is also responsible for maintaining an uninterruptible flow of electricity and natural gas to the campus.  To this end the most cost-effective means of purchasing these commodities are evaluated, monitored and pursued.

Facilities Scheduling: Responsible for the daily scheduling of rooms in which meetings, testing, study sessions, etc. are held for both internal and external customers.  This area is also responsible for event scheduling for conferences, dances, workshops, theater productions, etc. and the design of the room layouts for these events.