Get out of the classroom…

and apply what you’ve learned in the real world.



ExL Course Experience Information Questionnaire


At Purdue Calumet, your course requirements will have you not just sitting in classes for the next two to four years. All students have the opportunity to complete at least two Experiential Learning courses. That’s a formal term for getting college credit to work at a structured role in your field of study, complete an internship or special project, study abroad, volunteer in the community or participate in a variety of other approved programs.

Student Testimonials

It’s just one more way Purdue Calumet gives you a competitive advantage.

Types of Experiential Learning

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Internships
  • Service Learning
  • Cooperative Education
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Design Project
  • Practicum

What is Experiential Learning?
Experiential learning means gaining active, hands-on experience in the real world as part of your academic program. Learning is enhanced when students integrate the formal classroom instructional process with practical experience.

How is Experiential Learning at Purdue University Calumet different from hands-on learning at many other colleges and universities?
Experiential learning is a graduation requirement for Purdue University Calumet students. Students enroll in two experiential learning courses while completing their degree. While the majority of Purdue University Calumet students hold jobs and many will continue to pursue “traditional” internships as well, experiential learning courses must meet a set of measurable guidelines to fulfill the graduation requirement.

How does Experiential Learning benefit me as a Purdue University Calumet student?
You have broad opportunities to apply research and learning and to participate in cutting edge research, business and technology initiatives. By graduation, you will have had at least two opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in your chosen field of study. That can lead to job opportunities, interview skills and solid life skills.

How do I get more information?
If you’re considering Purdue University Calumet, please contact us at (219) 989-8350, or We will be happy to share more information about ways experiential education will add to your college experience. Once enrolled, contact your faculty advisor.