EXL Course Data


  • Instructor takes students to Fermilab to tour the facilities and meet the physicists.
  • Students gain exposure to lab facilities, safety precautions, and research protocols.
  • Faculty member mentors students on continuing their education in the sciences.
  • Student gained rare opportunity to travel to the European Organization for Nuclear Research-CERN.


  • Students are assigned a client – a real business owner.
  • Client identifies concerns, which may include marketing, sales, expanding product lines, or human resource issues, and students investigate and find solutions.
  • Students research issues and provide business solutions.
  • Students gain consulting skills, and apply business concepts.

Computer Graphics Technology

  • Students created logo for Schererville Municipal Park.
  • Students work in teams to respond to client needs.
  • Students receive feedback on graphics from client
  • Students gain valuable referrals and networking opportunities.


  • One -half of the enrollees in History of Indiana course are International Students
  • Students tour historical sites in the State of Indiana.
  • Reflection papers, discussion boards, and networking help students to appreciate the history and culture of the State of Indiana.
  • Students present findings at History Day Conference.

Hospitality & Tourism Management

  • HTM students take high-end cruise where they observe top service standards and gain understanding of different cultures
  • Students use reflection and social media to discuss their experiences and participation.
  • Assignments include a formal dinner where students learn proper etiquette.
  • Students discuss their participation as part of the annual student convocation.

Consumer Development & Family Science

  • Students take day trip to Riley Child Development Center in Indianapolis.
  • Students observe children and families in counseling sessions.
  • Students learn a multi-disciplinary and medical model approach to human development.
  • Observing theories in practice is a transformational experience for students.