ExL and DegreeWorks

Experiential Learning and DegreeWorks:

Working Together to Help Create Experiences for a Lifetime

The Experiential Learning graduation requirements at Purdue University Calumet are important aspects of a students’ plan of study, and are now conveniently linked to the DegreeWorks application. These requirements consist of two courses, and are listed under the Major block within a student audit in DegreeWorks.  Also within each Major block, students and advisors are able to view degree requirements based on the current academic year.  As shown in the gray block in example one, valuable information such as credits required, credits applied, and grade point averages are also listed within the Major block.

As outlined in the examples, the Experiential Learning Course requirements are listed below the Major block section of the student audit.  In example one, this student’s audit shows that the required Experiential Learning courses are still needed.  As this student completes the Experiential Learning Course requirements, the completed courses will appear in his audit, as shown in example two.  When both Experiential Learning Course requirements have been met, the radio button next to the Experiential Learning courses will be checked as complete.

The addition of the Experiential Learning Course requirements to the DegreeWorks audit is a valuable component that will allow both students and advisors alike to review the fulfillment status of these real-world learning requisites.

Example 1
~Major Block Information
~Experiential Learning Courses requirements shown as unmet.

Example #1

Example 2
Experiential Learning Course requirements shown with one course complete and one unmet.

Example #2

For more information on DegreeWorks, please visit the DegreeWorks page on the Registrar’s website.