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Advising ExL – FAQs

How would I determine which of my students are subject to the ExL degree requirement?

Please refer to the ExL Undergraduate Degree Requirement matrix (DOC) [Opens in New Window]. The matrix indicates which students are required and also provides justifications and guidelines.

How can I preview a list of ExL designated courses for each of the six (6) academic schools?

You can download a list of approved ExL courses that includes the effective term and any prerequisite requirements. The document is titled ExL Designated Courses with Term.


Where can I direct students to check if they have met their ExL requirement?

Students can look in Degree Works to see if the ExL requirement is listed for them and also whether any of their completed coursework has met the degree requirement. Visit the Degree Works website for more information.

Where can I view a list of designated courses offered for the current or upcoming semester? Where can a student find a list of all ExL designated courses being offered during the current term?

Yes. There is now search functionality on the front page of the Online Class Schedule. All designated ExL courses are given an ‘ExL’ attribute in Banner so that now you can search on the schedule for the attribute by clicking on the “ExL Course Offerings Only” radio button. The student can search by course or pull up all designated courses offered in the specified term:

ExL Search Class Schedule

I have an international student that needs to complete an internship or volunteer activity for their ExL requirement, is this possible? How does this affect their immigration status?

It is absolutely possible for the student to complete the ExL requirement and yes, it may impact their immigration status. Please contact Marsha Gordon, Director of Graduate and International Students in the International Programs Office (IPO) (x2559 or to make sure the student is advised on the proper forms to submit.


How do you determine which French/Spanish sections are ExL designated versus the regular in-class sections?

In general, the designated sections are offered during the summer. However, you can find confirmation in the “Important comments about the section” column of the Online Class Schedule:

ExL Attribute Class Sched

Or, you can advise students to view the same listing in the PC Star “Look-Up Classes” Attribute Column to make the determination:

PC Star & ExL Attribute

Are there any non-major specific designated courses a student can take?

Yes. Service Learning and the new Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research (IDIS) courses are available to all students regardless of major. Below is a just a sample of some courses that have already been offered:

SERV 10100 IDIS 15001
SERV 10200 IDIS 25001
SERV 10300 IDIS 35001

Is it really necessary for me to know what designated courses are offered in department/schools outside of my own?

It is actually very helpful to have an understanding of what courses are offered and in which departments/schools they are offered. You may have students that have CODO’d into your program with completed ExL designated courses or students that are planning to double major or add a minor and need help coordinating their academic efforts.