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Involvement in student organizations is an excellent complement to the academic experience found at a university. Joining an organization helps students develop networking and leadership skills that will be invaluable to their education and their future.

College of Technology

  • Tau Alpha Pi (TAP)

Tau Alpha Pi is the national honor society for engineering technology, just as Phi Beta Kappa is for liberal arts and Tau Beta Pi is for engineering. Founded in 1953 and managed for more than 30 years by engineering technology educator Frederick J. Berger, Tau Alpha Pi is open to both associate-degree and baccalaureate candidates. Membership into Tau Alpha Pi is by invitation only to Engineering Technology students in ABET accredited programs. Students are reviewed for invitation criteria (based on GPA and length in program) each Spring semester with invitations for initiation being mailed out each March. So make sure to look for your invitation next Spring!

Faculty Advisor: Susan Scachitti, Jay Lee, Chandra Sekhar, Gregory Neff
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Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The IEEE promotes the development of electrotechnology and allied sciences, the application of those technologies for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of its members.

Faculty Advisor: Masoud Fathizadeh

  • Purdue Amateur Radio Society

The Purdue Amateur Radio Society exists to provide students to further their knowledge in radio and communications. The Society also encompasses an electronics club that assists students in the pursuit of electronics as a hobby. W9PUC is the licensed call sign of the Purdue Amateur Radio Society station. The Society has the capability to operate all the short wave bands allotted for amateur service. FM voice transmission in the two meter band is also possible.

Faculty Advisor: Edward Perosky

Industrial Engineering Technology

  • Institute for Industrial Engineering

Dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. An IIE student membership can provide you with ways to build knowledge beyond the classroom, build skills in leadership and networking through involvement in conferences, build networking contacts, and recognition through scholarships, fellowships, and awards.

Faculty Advisor: Susan Scachitti

Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers is about more than engineering and manufacturing. It’s an adventure for all PUC students. A cross-functional team of students gets together to lead, plan and implement solutions to problems that face the selected project.

Faculty Advisor: Rick Rickerson

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers serves its members and the international manufacturing community through the advancement of professionalism, knowledge and learning.

Faculty Advisor: Gregory Neff, Mohammad Zahraee
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