Supplemental Course Material

Haas SL-20 Turning Center

A turning center is a computer controlled lathe that has the ability to automatically switch tools to machine a part. Unlike a manual lathe, a turning center is completely enclosed and the operator views the machining operations through a window.

Purdue Calumet’s Haas SL-20 has a 20 HP motor, 45-4000 spindle RPM, ten tools in the turret, 10″ cutting diameter and 20″ between centers. It weighs 9000 lbs.

Haas VF-1 Machining Center

A machining center is a computer controlled milling machine with an automatic tool changer. Like a turning center, a machining center is also fully enclosed. To clean the machine, you just spray coolant to wash the chips into a chip conveyor.

The VF-1 has a 20HP vertical spindle with a 20 station #40 CAT quick change tool magazine. Table travel is 20x16x20″. Spindle RPM runs from 0 to 7500, and feed rates from 0 to 300 IPM are possible with 710IPM rapid traverse. The machine weighs 7100 lbs. Programs are easily loaded through the integral floppy disk.

Procedures for Programming and Running Haas Machines