Program Requirements


Students must complete 33 credits for the MA degree.  Students may count three credits at the 400 level towards their degree; if they do so, they may also use three credits of graduate level (500- or 600-level) coursework from departments other than English.  Students not using any 400-level courses towards their degree may use up to six graduate-level credits from departments other than English.  In any event, students must have at least 27 credits in graduate-level English coursework.

All students seeking the MA degree must take English 501, Methods of Literary Study, which is offered each Fall.  This course should be taken as early as possible in the MA program, since it provides the methodological background for other graduate courses. Students must also take one graduate-level theory course, such as ENGL 602 (Seminar in Literary Theory), ENGL 591 (Introduction to Composition Theory), or an equivalent alternative.

Students are expected to achieve grades of B or better in their graduate courses.  Students who receive grades of C or worse, or who receive an incomplete (I) in a graduate class that they do not complete promptly, will be placed on probation and, if poor work continues, removed from the program.

Please see the information on Rules and Requirements on how to remain in good standing with the department.

In addition to this coursework, students are required either to take the comprehensive M.A. examination or to write a thesis.  Detailed information on these two options is available on the two options’ respective pages, linked in the navigation box on the Graduate Programs main page.