Preparing Your Plan of Study

Your individual Plan of Study is a formal document, submitted electronically, where you demonstrate to the Graduate School that you have satisfied all the requirements for the MA degree.  The Plan of Study is essentially retrospective, and is completed in the semester before you intend to graduate. 

To complete the Plan of Study, log into your My PUC account and select My Plan of Study from the left side of the page. The system should automatically load the classes you have taken with at Purdue Calumet into this Plan, but problems on this point are common and you may need to add some courses manually. If you encounter this problem, please contact the main department office at (219) 989-2645.

Once you have completed the Plan, make sure to submit it.  We cannot see a Plan that is merely a draft.  Once you have submitted the Plan, we will review it to make sure that all information is listed correctly.  It is common for students to have their Plan rejected once or twice, since this is the only way that we can allow you to go back and make changes to the form.  Once the Plan is complete, it will be sent to your thesis committee members (in the case of students taking the thesis option) or to your MA examiners (in the case of the exam option) and then to the Graduate Advisor.  

Once everyone has approved the Plan of Study, you will receive notification.  If you have submitted your Plan and have not received any notification after a week, please contact the main department office.

The deadline for the final submission of the Plan of Study is very strict; it is controlled by the Graduate School, and so cannot be waived by the department.  The plan of study must be completed and approved by the end of the semester before you intend to graduate.  However, because it is common for Plans of Study to require some revision, we strongly urge you to complete the process earlier in your penultimate semester, as soon as you know what classes you will be taking to complete the degree and who will be your examining committee.