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Summer 2014

English 504, Practicum in Teaching College Composition
Professor Karen Bishop-Morris
Dates/time TBA

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English 590, The Graphic Novel
Professor Mark Letcher
M, T, Th 5:00-6:50

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Fall 2014

English 501, Introduction to Literary Methods
Professor Dan Punday
Tuesdays, 5:00-7:50

This course has three goals. First, it will introduce you to the methods of literary research, giving you an overview of the most effective resources for constructing a bibliography and pursuing biographical and bibliographical information. Second, it will help you to adjust to the expectations of graduate writing and scholarly publication. We will discuss citation methods, journal expectations, and how to construct an argument that will be rhetorically effective for a particular journal’s editorial staff. Third, we will investigate institutional debates within the field of literary and composition studies, considering the problems within the academic job market and conflicts over the role of reading canons.

You will do five assignments, each of which you will present to the class: an analysis of scholarly journals in your field; a bibliographic essay on the state of research and available materials in this field; a study of how your field has changed in the last fifty years in your field; a proposal to be submitted to an academic conference; an introduction (1-2 pages) that has been revised to match the style and interests of three different journals in your field.

English 591, Introduction to Composition Theory
Professor Carolyn Boiarsky
Mondays, 5:00-7:50

This course provides an overview of the various aspects of composing, especially in light of the paradigm shift from product to process in the 1970′s. The course examines the composing process, the reading/writing connection, rhetorical theory, grammar, and assessment. Emphasis is placed on the cognitive aspects of composition as well as the relationship between composition and pedagogical theory. Discussions are situated in the high school English class and the first year composition course in junior/community colleges and Universities. Students will be expected to write two papers.

English 680, Seminar in Composition Theory: Professional Writing Theories
Professor Karen Bishop-Morris
Wednesdays, 5:00-7:50

Description coming soon.