Renee Conroy

Professor Renee Conroy

Assistant Professor

of Philosophy

CLO 272 | 219/989-2683

Courses commonly taught:

Phil 106: Human Experience in Art, Literature, Music, and Philosophy
Phil 110: Introduction to Philosophy
Phil 111: Ethics

Specialized Courses Recently Taught

Phil 293: Art and Emotion
Phil 490: Arguing About Art – Issues in Contemporary Aesthetics
Phil 490: Fiction and Metaphysics


B.A. in Philosophy – University of Washington
B.A. in Dance – University of Washington
M.A. in Philosophy – University of Washington
Ph.D. in Philosophy – University of Washington


Renee Conroy joined the Department of English and Philosophy in Fall 2009.
Her primary research interests are in aesthetics and the philosophy of art,
and her published work is predominantly focused on issues related to dance
and human movement performance. Her secondary research interests within the
field of aesthetics include such topics as the ontology of fiction, the
cognitive value of literature, the aesthetic appreciation of nature, and the
places of intersection between ethical and aesthetic values. Her
philosophical interests outside aesthetics center on issues in ethical
theory and contemporary metaphysics.

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