Mark Mabrito

Mark Mabrito

Associate Professor of English

CLO 280 | 219/989-2651

Courses commonly taught:

Engl 220 Technical Writing
Engl 396: Writing in Virtual Worlds

Engl 404: Web Design
Engl 420 Business Writing
Engl 428: New Media
*Engl 431: Web Usability
*Engl 436: Writing for Informational Interactive Media
*Engl 437: Writing for Video Games
*Engl 435: Second Life
*Engl 41010: Virtual Worlds
Engl 590: Computers in the Teaching of Writing
Engl 605: Computers, Language, and Rhetoric

*All courses in the Online Certificate in Writing for Interactive Media. See details at

Areas of Specialization:

Writing for New Media
Writing for the Web
Virtual Worlds
Writing for Interactive Media
Online Learning
Professional Writing
Writing in the Workplace


Mark Mabrito teaches new media, web design, writing for interactive media, business writing, and technical writing; for the past 15 years, he has been involved in developing online curriculum, including creating more than a dozen new online courses within the department. His research interests include new media, immersive virtual environments, workplace writing, online pedagogy, and online communication. He has published various book chapters and articles, including qualitative research studies, in Taking Flight with OWLS: Research into Technology Use in Writing Centers, Pedagogy Leads Technology: Online Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and journals such as Written Communication, Journal of Business and Technical Writing, Journal of Business Communication, American Journal of Distance Education, Computers and Composition, and other publications. He was the recipient of the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education Award for Innovation in Distance Education.

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